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Shock-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethane supports available in the following packages
Small - 150 pcs
Medium - 400 pcs
Big - 900 pcs
Maxi - 3000 pcs

Compliant with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the Atex Directive 2014/34/EU. 

Thermoplastic polyurethane cushioning devices that are optimally suited to all types of manhole covers.

Mufflers provide a lasting solution to the problem of sagging manhole covers and finally solve the annoying metallic sound caused by passing vehicles.

They are abrasion and compression resistant and have excellent resilience within a wide temperature range (+60 °C. -40 °C). They are easily applied with special high-strength adhesives even in the presence of foreign substances (dirt, salt, frost, moisture).

In addition, they preserve the functionality of manhole covers over time and significantly reduce the costs of maintaining manholes and drains. Muffler is available in the following packages:

Small - 150 items - Medium - 400 items - Big - 900 items - Maxi - 3000 items