We are looking for new Valifter distributors

We are looking for Valifter distributors, a premium line of manhole cover lifters, which offer operators high performance while complying with European safety regulations.
The road maintenance sector and in particular the management of sub-networks, such as water, gas, energy and telecommunications, is very wide and presents significant distribution opportunities.

The value of the distributor

At VALIFTER, we believe that distributors are the key to success, so we offer a profitable business partnership based on collaboration, mutual trust and a healthy exchange of ideas and recommendations.
Being a VALIFTER distributor means becoming part of a successful family and becoming more than just a reseller of our products, but a true partner for technical solutions.
The role is fundamental because the distributor has direct contact with customers and, thanks to the synergy with the VALIFTER team, he is able to respond to every need.
In addition, the VALIFTER partner can claim innovative patented and certified equipment, which allows him to complete his catalogue with premium products of prestige in the market.

The VALIFTER Team at your disposal

We collaborate with our distributors by providing them with comprehensive support including:
• Videos illustrating the functionality of the products;
• Technical advice;
• Sales missions;
• Joint sales meetings or calls with customers;
• Support during negotiations;
• Promotional material;
• Logistical support;
• Training in the use of products;
• Specialised technical training;
• Pre- and post-sales support.

Benefit from our valuable experience

Being a Valifter distributor, you can count on the specific know-how of more than 30 years, the advice, experience and training of our technicians to build a solid international distribution network.
If you are ready to develop your business by seizing this opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to introduce you to our company, our products and our philosophy.
Valifter will meet your expectations and those of your customers.